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We can finally present our new academy for PMU and Tattoo Art in Scandinavia. If you are interested in studies for certification or just level up your business you should follow us here. We will offer longer educations in Hair Stroke method but also shorter workshops for people already in the industry. We are based in Stockholm but we will offer classes online, private training and also travel and teach in Europe and the US. If you are interested to meet us please fell free to contact us any time. We at New Concept Academy are here for you! The main team is Mimmi Pang Isaksson, Eyebrow Artist, and Jakob Pang Isaksson, Art Teacher. Together with experts in certain areas we will offer a wide variety of programs to suit the PMU line of work. Art, color theory, machine technique, social media, film, photo etc. We are already working with students but the official start is in Autumn 2022. We will update our workshop schedule soon. /New Concept Crew

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