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Uppdaterat: 30 juli 2022

Yesterday the New Concept Academy Crew went on a field trip to Studio Blanco Tattoo, seen in SVT's reality show "Under Nålen", and artist Joel "Tatmusch" Stenlund. To be able to take part of his process and work Jakob booked a session to expand his Asian styled tattoo.

Photo: Tattoos or Semi-tattoos? Permanent Make Up and regular tattoos are nowadays separate worlds, much due to the fact that Microblading, that has been the trend for a long time, is a totally different technique. Nowadays when the method for PMU also is tattoo machines, these two world becomes closer. As in most cases of similar professions, there is always much to learn from each other. There is so much to learn that we're actually going to England this summer to further educate our self with in regular tattooing. Something we have worked for the whole year. So this field trip is part of our own journey with in the permanent tattoos. That's why we are extra excited about this day.

Different skillsets It is perhaps easy to think that a good tattoo artist can do great eyebrows, but it is not exactly the same thing. Eyebrows is a miniature, or even micro version, where the same rules of anatomy, flow and design applies but the skillset is different. Semi tattoos needs to be in the upper skin layers that is very thin (0,5 mm) this takes a lot of practicing. Tattooing goes into the second layer and is 2mm deep and feels quite brutal if you are a PMU artist. In one way you might say that eyebrows is easier because of the short lines in the hair design, but still, not many tattoo artist have the skill or patience to do this kind of exquisite line work. Tattoo artists, on the other hand, have a broad skillset of mixing colors, creating shading and textures. And also a lot of experience with different needles and more techniques due to their variety of designs. This is where PMU artist can learn a lot.

Joel Stenlund Joel Stenlund has, like Jakob, a graffiti background and is a great artist mainly focused on Japanese style drawings and tattoos. He works with bold lines and an old school coil machine set up. The feeling is raw and traditional. If the machine breaks he fix it by himself. Yesterday he showed us his way of working all the way from consultation to finished product. We talked about hygiene, machines, perfect lines and shared our different experiences. All in all a good day, worth all the money, and a great result that needs one more session to finish. Check out Joel's instagram: @tatmush Thanks to Studio Blanco Tattoo for the visit!

Looking forward to the finished product in mid August

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